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Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. 2 Timothy 2:15

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Our Strength Comes From The Lord


The circumstances of his birth.
1. Israel had done evil in the sight of God and were under the domination of the Philistines for 40 years.
2. This was a usual cycle for Israel.

The family of Samson
1. Manoah was the father. Mother unnamed.
2. Mother barren.
a. One of the worst things that could happen to a woman, she could be divorced for not producing children.
b. Boys were more important than girls
1. Carry family name
2. Labor was more valuable
3. Not as expensive because of dowry.

3. An angel of the Lord announces the birth of a son.
a. Angel tells her that she is not to drink or eat of the fruit of the vine, eat anything unclean, or cut his hair.
b. She is told that her son was to be a Nazarite. (Numbers 6:2-21 Nazirite vow)

1. A Nazirite was not to eat or drink from the fruit of the vine. No grape products.
2. A Nazirite could not touch anything that would be unclean such as a dead body.
3. A Nazirite was to not cut his hair.

The Women of Samson’s Life and the trouble caused.
1. The woman of Timnah.
a. Family objects
b. Samson wants her
c. Goes into Timnah 4 times
d. Second trip he kills a lion
e. On the return he violates his Nazarite vow by reaching into the dead carcass of the lion to get some honey to eat. He gives some to his parents. He knew that it was wrong because he did not tell them about where and how he got it.
f. Wedding feast, probably drinking going on, which would violate Samson’s vow again.
1. The riddle to the 30 Philistines.
Out of the eater came something to eat, and out of the strong came something sweet.
2. People threaten his wife to be.
3. Samson loses the bet, kills 30 men at Ashkelon to pay the bet.
4. He Leaves before consummating the marriage.
5. Returns later and father-in-law gave his wife to best man.
6. Samson ties fire to 150 pairs of foxes and burns Philistine corn fields.
7. The Philistines burn his wife’s house and kill her and her father.
8. Samson kills many.
9. 3000 men of Judah turn him to Philistines, and he kills 1000 with the jawbone.

2. The harlot of Gaza.
a. Philistines found out that he was in Gaza, and plotted to kill him.
b. Samson played while they plotted and left in the middle of the night taking with him the city gate. He took them 40 miles away to Hebron. This was an insult to the city because the gates were a symbol of the cities strength.

3. Delilah
a. He falls in love with her.
b. The Philistines offer her 1100 pieces of silver if she can deliver him to them.
c. She starts on him and he fools her three times.
1. Seven fresh cords.
2. New ropes.
3. Weave seven locks of his hair in a web. Samson comes close to revealing his secret when he told her about his hair.
d. The text says that she annoyed his soul to death, and he tells her.
e. The Philistines come in and take him. READ JUDGES 16:19-20
Samson’s capture and death.
1. His eyes were poked out and he was put on the grinding wheel.
2. The people praised their god Dagon for Samson’s capture.
3. READ JUDGES 16:23-30

Samson was the superman to the Israelites. He was handsome and strong, tall, tan, and terrific. Samson was born in the time of Judges where a new generation of those who didn’t know God did evil because they did what was right in their own eyes. Very much like the new millennium. “Just Do It”

Samson was called to deliver Israel, and was set apart unto God as a Nazarite. Part of his vow was:

No Wine. (People drink to please themselves) SELF-DENIAL is the first prerequisite to be used by God.

No Razor. Samson looked different.

When we are separated from the world we look different. We live in a world of conformity. If you truly follow the Lord you will be different.

No Dead Bodies.
Before you were saved the old sinful man was very much alive, then you got saved. And you came out from among them to be separate. You no longer did the things you did before.


Samson’s power was because he had a covenant with God. He had power because the Lord was upon him. And that is a principle that will never change.

God is calling us even now to this Nazarite vow.

Samson accomplished many great feats: He killed a lion with his bare hands. Killed a thousand men with a jawbone. No ropes could hold him. He ripped the gates from the walls of Gaza and carried tem 30 miles up hill. (Hulk couldn’t do that!)

Samson had one weakness; he was a slave to passion. He was a He-man with a She-weakness.

Samson loved to fast dance. Party. Drink.

God understands! So I watch and R rated movie. So I watch shows on T.V that compromise my spirit – I’m doing great!

#1 Sin will BLIND you.

A man that was born to be a deliverer to bring honor and glory to God had gone from pleasing God to pleasing himself. Satan always seems to take mans sight first.

The intoxicated eye can only see another glass of liquor. It doesn’t see the car wrapped around the pole.

The eyes full of lust only see the night of pleasure, but fail to see the sexually transmitted disease.

The prodigal son saw a rip-roaring time. Satan let’s you see things. Satan doesn’t want you to see through spiritual eyes. Satan was coming against Samson and he blinded him spiritually before he was ever blind physically.

Samson loved to dance. The Philistines knew that they would have to get somebody that liked to dance too. And her name was Delilah. She was a great slow dancer.

Delilah began to probe him for the secret of his great strength. He lied to her. Three times Delilah dances with Samson.

When you slow dance you can’t tell what’s happening behind your back. Here is this hulk of a man dancing with this woman; he doesn’t realize what is happening behind his back. And she’s pointing to the Philistines who are carrying the barber chair. Samson is a man who’s blind, not physically but spiritually. He doesn’t realize he’s being set up. It all started with a little compromise. What was he doing down at Timna – means place of grapes. God said no wine. What is he doing hanging out there.

It always starts so small! Hanging with the wrong crowd! Watching MTV. Rated R movies. A few cuss words. Listening to ROCK music!

Worldliness Is: Anything that steals your hunger for God.
Samson gives in. He tells her the secret. No super cuts here. Only the most expensive hair cut in history.
On the outside sin always looks good.

#2 Sin BINDS

The Philistines danced him into bondage. The Philistines bound him with fetters of brass. He would never know freedom. The last thing he sees is a blazing sword driven into one eye then into another.
There’s a momentum to sin. The devil doesn’t stop with just a little habit in your life; he’s coming after you.



Now Samson is under the dungeon of the temple of Dagon the fish god walking in a circle-grinding mill for his enemies.

The power that once was on his life. A little compromise.

Sin will take you:
Farther than you want to go
Keep you longer than you want to stay.
Cost you more than you’re willing to pay.

Samson lost it all!

What good are a few moments of sin, for what price?

It’s feast day in Gaza. It’s time to honor the fish God Dagon. 3000 Philistines had gathered on the temple roof. Bring out Samson. There’s mockery. He stands there bound with chains listening to the crowd blaspheme God. But in their drunken stupor nobody realizes that Samson’s hair is beginning to grow.

God is the author of the comeback!
Samson asked the little boy to take him to the pillars where he will meet God. Samson prays only twice. Once he prays give me. The second time remember me. Power begins to surge. You can hear the cry as the temple collapses.
Samson is a hero again. His prayer. I don’t want to dance anymore.

Remember the dance is expensive. And you’ve got to make a decision that you’re going to love Jesus and live for Him. How many believers are on the dance floor with the devil and don’t know it.


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