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Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. 2 Timothy 2:15

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Steps to Victory

Mark 1:40

1. REACH out to Him
2. REQUEST of Him
4. REGARD it as done.

Step one: REACH out to Him: "And there came a leper to him. . ."

No doubt this man had been to others to try to find some relief. But even though he more than likely got, a few "be well my sons," and perhaps more "go away you bother me’s," he persisted. As a leper he was totally dependant on others for everything.

Get into the habit of reaching out for Jesus. It is the only way to make contact with him.

Step two: REQUEST of Him. "Beseeching him. . ."

1. God has made it quite clear that we are to ask, seek and find.
2. He longs to hear our requests.
3. Sadly that is the only time that many communicate with Him.
4. No wonder he encourages us to ask of Him, else He may never hear from us.
5. Talk to God, tell him how you feel, tell him what you perceive that you need, tell him what you want. Don’t be shy. Talk, talk, talk. Listen, listen, listen.
6. God wants more than anything to have a conversation with you. Make your request known to him and receive his answer with Thanksgiving.

Step three: RECOGNIZE Jesus for whom He really is: kneeling down.

Over the last one hundred years there has been a movement to relegate Jesus to the position of a great teacher, or great philosopher. Let me submit to you that he was none of those. C. S. Lewis put it best in answer to this question. "He is either a liar, a lunatic or lord." But the most burning question for us today is the very same question that Jesus asked his disciples 2000 years ago. "But whom do you say that I am?" You know Jesus is asking that very question of you today. And what is your answer. To you is Jesus just a really nice guy? Or perhaps he has some great truth to tell? Examine yourselves today. Who is Jesus to you? If he is not the Lord of your life, then you have missed this step on the road to victory. Recognize Jesus for whom he truly is.

Finally Step four: REGARD it as done. "Thou canst make me clean. . ."

We must believe that Jesus can do anything. Why? Well, simply because He can!!! Many over the centuries have tried to make this such a deep theological thing and it is not. This is not rocket science folks, Jesus can do anything. And Paul takes it a step further by saying that through him.. "all things are possible." That means that if you have followed all of the steps, you can do anything as well. The greatest thing that Jesus can do is to take all of your cares and burdens. Take all of that rubbish and leave it at the foot of the cross, turn around and leave it. What many insist on doing is to lay their burdens down and then immediately go back and pick them up again. How absurd. Let Jesus deal with it and forget about it. Regard it as done.

What step are you on right now?

Are you reaching out?
Are you making requests?
Are you recognizing Jesus for who He really is?
Are you regarding it as done?

Take the steps to victory in Jesus.

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