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Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. 2 Timothy 2:15

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Almost Persuaded

Text: Acts 26:24-30

Introduction: If we could walk through hell today we would find all sorts of people who were at one point almost persuaded to become a Christian. Through the flames of fire you would perhaps see an old country farmer who lived within walking distance from the church. The preacher would stop by and give him the plan of salvation. And with watery eyes he would say "Not today Preacher, I can't" Almost But Lost
A teenager whose cries reveal the agony of rebellion. She came to church, God spoke to her heart, suddenly she was aware of her need to be saved. Almost, But Lost. No doubt hell will consist of Professionals and businessmen. Perhaps it's Revival time and the Holy Spirit Grips your heart, but you think of all you will have to give up and you too. Almost, But Lost.
One such man was King Agrippa, a man of royalty, great position, and honor.
A man who had great friends and was a powerful influence with the Jews.
The Apostle Paul brought before Governor Felix on charges that he would not stop Preaching the Gospel
Paul while standing before the council told of
How he was wicked
How he was a persecutor of the Jews.
How Corrupt he was.
How God had saved Him.
How god had changed his life.
As he testified Festus said much learning has made you insane.
Paul continued to preach and at the Height of his sermon.
Agrippa was convicted to the point that he said "Almost thou Persaudest me to be
a Christian."

Two Things about Agrippa
1. The REASON for his Near Conversion
2. The RESPONSE which he makes

I. The Reason for Agrippa's Near Conversion (vs 25-28)
A. When People get Saved there is a reason why.
B. When People are convicted there is a reason why.
C. Agrippa was overwhelmed with the apostle Paul (vs 28) "Almost Thou"
1. Paul was TACTFUL (vs 1-3)
2. He Gave His TESTIMONY (vs 8-23)
a. Paul had lived a wicked life.
b. Paul killed and tortured Jews
c. Paul was convicted by the Holy Spirit.
d. Paul was converted by the Holy Spirit
e. Paul was changed by the Holy Spirit.
4. He Told them the Truth (vs. 25)
a. Folks may think we are crazy but still tell the truth
b. Repent or Ye shall all likewise Perish
c. Behold I go to prepare a place for you.
d. God Desires a close and personal relationship with you
D. God has your best interest at heart.

II. The RESPONSE which Agrippa Makes
A. It was a Crisis
1. Crossroads
2. Turning Point
3. When he left, He left lost. Many Today will hear the Gospel and leave Lost
B. He was Convinced (vs 27) "I know thou Believest"
C. He was Convicted (vs 28) So near but Lost
1. He was under conviction but allowed some external desire to overrule his heart.

Conclusion: Are you in a crisis? Are you convinced you need Jesus? Is the Holy Spirit tugging at your Heart strings? Will you be set free?


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